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IPG consulting company activities

IPG consulting company activities in the polymer market vary. Besides the consulting and marketing services provided to polymer companies, we arrange a number of events for the polymer market.

The Polymer Club is a branch of the Polymeric Business Forum that meets on a regular basis. The Polymeric Club is basically a professional platform for dialogue. IPG Consulting company manages the Polymer club under the aegis of the "Ukrainian Polymer Assosiation".

In addition to our regular scheduled events, IPG also provides 'tailor-made' business events.

IPG consulting services are intertwined with the activities of the Polymer Association. IPG is also an official consulting partner for the Ukrainian Polymer Assosiation.

IPG has partner agreements with all the leading polymer magazines. This allows IPG to utilize these magazines for promotional communication to potential customers. With the assistance of the Ukrainian Polymer Assosiation, IPG publishes it's own polymer magazine, "Polymeric club".

Polymer exhibitions are a key component IPG's charter. These exhibitions are an important tool for promotion. IPG takes a leading role in providing polymer exhibitions. Participants of these exhibitions have found them to be very beneficial to promoting their businesses.

IPG polymer business tours are a unique service for companies that work in the polymer market. IPG is the official organizer of all the polymer business-tours for members of the "Ukrainian Polymer Assosiation".

Receiving foreign delegations is another important service of IPG. Presently, this service is available in the Ukrainian territories.


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