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Business Event Execution

Arrangement and Management of Business events for Polymer Industry

Consulting company IPG has a vast experience in organizing of business events of a various format, scale and complexity. Our employees - experts of polymer industry and talented event-organizers – will choose perfect conditions for you to achieve the maximum effect.

Conferences Organization

Scientific and business conferences always draw attention not only of businessmen, but also of politicians, therefore conference should be at a high level. Trust it to professionals. We can consider any circumstances and difficult details of the organization, choose an optimal format, locate participants effectively and debug the agenda that event would not have any overlays.

Seminars Organizing

Seminar distinctive feature is their small-scale and small duration, therefore one should pay much attention to the schedule. We will help to organize and manage any seminar accurately on the schedule, without hitches, considering all force-majeur circumstances. Also we will choose the necessary equipment for maximum efficiency and the minimum costs of the seminar.

Negotiations Organizing

Much can depend on the results of negotiations! It is necessary to pay the maximum attention and concentration to it. We will help to organize negotiations so that your partners have accepted your conditions: we will correctly choose a format, premises, conditions, and the most important -, we will find a highlight, a key approach to your partners.

An accurate target and technical maintenance are the key aspects of the presentations organizing. The maximum effect from presentation is reached not by luxurious premises or fancy food, but by the accurate accordance between the main message of presentation and the target audience. «Tailor-made message to every audience» is the main motto of the presentations organizing.
Also we regularly organize thematic and special business events, such as Polymer club and Polymer Tour.


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