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Polymer Business Tours

Polymer tour is a service provided by consulting company IPG to arrange and manage tourist and business events of various formats :

• hosting of foreign business representatives and delegations;

• arrangement and management of conferences, forums, presentations and other relevant events in territory of Ukraine and abroad;

• arrangement and management of business tour to visit exhibitions and the enterprises;

• arrangement and management of tour for business consolidation, leisure and sports.

The basic formats of business tours are as follows:

Business for Results formats allow to visit the largest international exhibitions together with other active participants of the polymer market, to arrange negotiations with suppliers of the equipment, raw materials and modern technologies. For experience communication participants of tours as well have chance to visit the advanced modern enterprises- manufacturers of raw materials, equipment and packaging.

Business for Results formats provide group tours duration 3 to 5 days with the following program:

• expocenter Visiting

• relevant professional business forums

• Visiting of production enterprises, meetings with top-managers and the main technical employees

• Joint buffet tables, round tables, entertaining and other informal events

• Joint sightseeing

• Shopping and other leisure events.

Business for Life formats provide group tours for business consolidation, leisure and sports together with family and friends. The concept of such format is simple: business owners, top-management can rarely allow themselves to have leisure and prefer to work non-stop. Thus, leisure and family time is often postponed and sometimes even cancelled. Business for Life format gives remarkable opportunity to combine pleasure with useful work – to raise professional skills, to receive strong business connections, to exchange experience and knowledge, to find partners and new friends among participants of the polymer market at the same time sightseeing, spending time together with close people, partaking in fascinating informal events devoted to active leisure and sports.

Thus, Business for Life format provides a group travel duration 3 to 7 days under the following program:

• relevant professional business forum

• Joint round tables on problematic issues and important events

• Training seminar

• Leisure events

• Competitions on football, volleyball, preferans card gam etc.

• Best photo contests

• Sightseeing,

• Shopping, etc.


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