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Business Assessments

Business Assessments is a consulting service from IPG Company, which involves evaluation of both asset base and business marketability as a whole. Our specialization is business Assessments at the polymer market.

Market Sale of polymer market is constantly developing. For investments in polymer manufacture, one or another business data are required even at the contractual relationship stage.

During business assessments all your assets are calculated: real estate, polymer machinery and auxiliary equipment, raw material stock, material, finished product, investments and intangible assets. Moreover, further valuation of company’s profitability is made, its past, present and future income, development prospects and competitive market environment in this segment, and then a relative comparison with enterprises analogs. On the basis of such multianalysis, real business assessments is made as an integrated object which brings profit.

The most popular service on polymer business assessments is for the following cases:

Improving of business management efficiency;

Validation of investment decisions;

Plan development (business plan);

Restructuring of enterprise (liquidation, merging, acquisition, separation, etc.);

Valuation of the current market value of business in case of its partial or complete buying or selling, in case of withdrawal of one or several partners from companies, etc.

Valuation of enterprise securities, shares, shares in its capital in cases of various types of transactions with them;

Estimation of enterprise's creditworthiness and the value of collateral when lending;

Assessment of the market value of the property during insurance operations;

Taxation of enterprise (during estimation of the tax base, it’s necessary to make an objective assessment of enterprise);

Revaluation of enterprise’s assets for accounting purposes;

Entry in the share capital property investment of the founders;

Redemption of stock from shareholders;

Appeal of a court decision on seizure of property;

Determination of the rent at the time of rental business;

Issuance of securities.

Experts of IPG Company specialize only in polymer business valuation. Other businesses are not within the scope of our interests.


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