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Business Construction

Business construction is an integrated service from IPG Consulting Company, which provides launch and quality work of polymer business. Our experts will make optimal financial flow chart, develop an organization business chart and build HRMS (Human Resource Management System).

Currently “Business construction” service is being implemented in Ukraine and Russia.

IPG Consulting Company has successful experience of building up a business for the following forms:

- formation of trade house of polymer raw material;

- formation of trade house of polymer equipment;

- formation of trade house of masterbaches selling;

- launch of polymer manufacture;

- formation of a branch (representative office) of the company.

Business construction” service allows you to get an effectively running business structure at the earliest possible date in Ukraine and Russia. Professionalism of IPG Consulting Company specialists will save you from solving for optimum, it will reduce the risk, relating to entering and effective growth at the polymer market. Polymer business owners will get a transparent and manageable structure which will bring profit.


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