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Stategic Planning

Strategic planning is a consulting service from IPG Company on development of long-term goals, mission and strategic polymer business plans. This service is most needed for developing polymer business owners who don’t have a clear development strategy yet, as well as for enterprises and companies which need to adjust their existing strategy.

Consulting service on strategic polymer business planning is implemented by the following algorithm:

- vision;

- business value;

- mission;

- strategic goals;

- SWOT analysis;

- strategy;

-concretization of strategies – implementation of business values through procedures, standards and instructions.

Resulting document «Company’s strategy» contains a set of company goals and systematic judgments about the ways to achieve them, the rules for decision making which the organization is guided by in its activities, documented resources, business processes, what kind of products and technologies it will develop, where and who it will sell its products, how to achieve superiority over its business rivals.

Strategic planning concerns the following functional blocks: distribution, delivery, storage, transportation, accounting, personnel, logistics, marketing, structure, material, financial and information resources.

Often within the same organization a number of activities is implemented, so the strategic planning from IPG company involves the whole product portfolio of the polymer company (manufacture). If there are some planned changes (renunciation of any kind of activity or emergence of a new one), it must necessarily be reflected in the company’s strategy.


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