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Branding is a marketing activity which creates a unique and memorable company image and position in the market. Customers also learn to identify a brand with specific goods and services. Consulting company IPG is specialized in branding for the polymer enterprises.

The primary goal is to create a unique brand which conveys a clear and complete message consistent with the expectations of the target audience. After achieving this objective, the brand attracts attention and establishes trust, thus motivating customers to purchase the associated goods and services.

Branding is a "vital" tool used for the successful advancement of the company's sphere of products/services to both the consumer and B2B market. Branding may mean involve creating a new brand, or updating an existing brand (re-branding).

Brand development includes following stages:

Stage 1: Marketing research — the first stage of brand development. As a result of this stage, one should answer the following questions:

• Who are the main competitors?

• What is their branding policy? In other words, what internal motivators and external attributes are used by similar players of the polymer market for product promotion and brand positioning?

• What are the desires and preferences of your potential target audience regarding products/services offered by your company? Based on the answers, what qualities of your products/services should be emphasized during brand development?

Stage 2: Market Positioning- Positioning of your product/services in the market should be based on research data. Branding experts will use marketing data to develop several different brand concepts. The best concept will then be chosen after testing them all.

Stage 3: Selection and completion of the final version of communicating the brand. Test results will reveal the most effective method of communicating the brand via visual identity and naming. This stage includes following:

• Brand name registration;

• Development of the visual identity of a brand and all of the corporate style components;

• Brand-book development. A brand-book is a detailed manual explaining rules of the most effective application of a brand and its specific elements in all spheres of internal and external communications.

Branding by the consulting company IPG will allow you to position yourself in polymer market with maximum precision and productivity.


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