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Marketing Research

Any polymeric company aspiring to reach maximum success in business understands the importance of marketing research in making crucial decisions. Marketing research allows a company to track and promptly react to developments in the market with its full employee potential.

Competitor and client behavioral research will allow you to make strategic decisions while protecting your profits during a crisis.

This research is crucial at all business junctures including the launching of new products. Without marketing research, it is difficult for managers to make decisions on pricing, promotions and a strategy for customer interaction.

We offer following marketing research in the polymer branch:

Product research (a comparison of your products with your competitors' products);

Brand research/monitoring (recognition of your products and trade marks, your competitive advantages);

Price research (price policy of competitors);

Advertising research (advertising activity of competitors, its efficiency);

Target audience research (allocation of your potential clients).

Marketing research provided by IPG consulting company is the most accurate because it's conducted by marketing-analysis experts who specialize in the polymer market.


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