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About Polyethylene

Polyethylene – [-CH2-CH2-]-n is thermoplastic polymer of white color, the most widespread plastic in the world. In the industry it is produced by polymerization of ethylene at a high pressure (Low density Polyethylene) and low or average pressure (High density Polyethylene). Structure and properties of polyethylene are defined by way of its production. With density increases hardness, the elasticity module increase at a bend, a fluidity limit, chemical firmness. It is endurable elastic, good dielectric it is steady against many chemical reagents and radioactive radiations.

Polyethylene is one of the cheapest polymers, combining valuable properties with ability to be processed by all high-efficiency methods, known for thermo layers, in world production of polymerization plastics polyethylene wins first place.

From polyethylene are produced films, pipes (including for sewage and aggressive liquids, the main pipelines), shaping products, isolation for wires and a cable, volumes (large bottles, canisters, tanks), galvanic baths, sanitary-engineering products, fibbers, etc., technicians a widely applied to various branches of agriculture and in a life.

Partners of IPG Consulting:

▪ Qatar Chemical Company LTD.
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▪ Siam Cement Group Chemicals.
▪ ОАО Kazanorgsintez.
▪ Lukoil-neftekhim.
▪ OAO Nizhnekamskneftekhim.
▪ JSC NAFTAN, “Polymir”.
▪ Shurtan Gas Chemical Complex.
▪ Tomskneftekhim LLC (Gasprom JSC and the SIBUR group).


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