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Superconcentrates (Masterbatches) are polymer with dispersed concentrated pigments in them. The basis of a universal super concentrate is “know-how” of each firm-manufacturer.

In comparison with traditional ways of coloring of polymers actually using introduction of super concentrates has a number of essential advantages. Actually it is the possibility of coloring in any colors with high quality at any standard equipment. It’s absence of dust of dye and pollution of the equipment and premises. It’s minimum quantity of wastes while changing one color to another, simplicity of application of a super concentrates ecological compatibility and safety of process of coloring.

The numerous group of special substance which essentially influence the properties of polymers, are called supplements to polymer substances. There are light stabilizing, antioxidants, fire-resistant or antiperens, antistatic, antislips, glide supplements, antilock, nucleates, modifications, etc.

I’d like to draw attention to granule cretaceous supplements (Masterbatches, cretaceous concentrates) on base of carbon calcium. The sphere of application of cretaceous supplements is producing unlimpid colored or mat products from polypropylene and polyethylene: soft package, films of different function, disposable ware and the goods of commodity output. Stuff being colored, cretaceous super concentrate makes made product colored to mat of white color. Using cretaceous extension in extrusion exclude fibrillation (splitting) of polypropylene filament.

After using of cretaceous supplements are improved properties of surface of product for making stamps (adgezia of finished products are increased while setting a flexographical seal that don’t place exacting demand to coroner manufacture).

Using of cretaceous super concentrate in casting excludes shrinking and contraction the way exactitude of geometric parameters of finished product and also makes product less breakable in casting.

Extensions that enlarger shine and glaze. Shine of polyethylene film is improved with using the sliding supplements (on a level with degradation of coefficient of friction), particularly, effective with that is erucamide. Sliding supplements are a sort of inner lubrication in polymer. They diminish tenacity of melt that effectively raise the productivity of extrusion. At the same time they produce surface of films and other polymers. The very same supplements improves the way of melting under pressure, exterior (glint) and making a survey of products from form while producing melting products. Besides, the glint of HDPE is improved by adding approximately 15 % of linear polyethylene into composition.


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