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Polymer market of Ruusia increased by USD 2 bln

Sales of volume polymers (polyethylene, PVC, polypropylene, polystyrene and PET) grew by USD2 bln in Russia last year. In physical terms the growth of market made 28%, and its total capacity exceeded 4.5 mln t.

Polyethylene sales grew by 420 KT (by 32%), PVC sales – by 247.5 KT (34%), polypropylene – by 141 KT (22%%), polystyrene – 88 KT (29%), PET - by 98 KT (22%). Now average annual consumption of volume polymers by one Russian reached its historical maximum and makes 32 kilo per person.

A positive factor last year was the growth of domestic production of base polymers more than by 500 KT. New capacities were launched in Salavat, Nizhnekamsk, Kazan and Perm.

Despite positive dynamics in polymers production, Russian market still depends on imports which made about 1.5 mln t. Converters are forced to use in their work more than third part of imported polymers. In 2010 in many directions record parameters of imports were fixed: PE – 457 KT, PVC – 485 KT, PP – 198 KT.

Introduction of Common customs tariff had the strongest effect on polymer market last year. In 2011 analysts also expect considerable changes but they will be connected with possible Russia’s joining WTO.

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