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Advertising is one of the basic instruments for the promotion of goods and services. IPG Consulting company specializes in advertising for the target audience of the polymer market.

The aim of advertising is to create an inflow of potential customers, then introduce them to a company and its products. The choice of relevant media depends on the target audience.

IPG's marketing-analysts experts continually research the media utilized by the polymer market. By doing so, IPG provides our customers with the most effective media coverage. Our statistical data has shown that the most effective type of advertising for the polymer market B2B segment is informational advertising. On the other hand, the emotional advertising works more effectively for the B2C market segment.

IPG's marketing specialists not only create specific types of advertising, but also create entire advertising campaigns. FYI, an advertising campaign involves a complex series of advertising events as outlined in a customized advertising strategy. Below are the stages of development in an advertising campaign:

Determining the target audience;

Developing a marketing strategy;

Determining the appropriate media for advertising;

Determining a specific type of advertising and its idea;

Formulating a development budget for the advertising campaign;

Undertaking the marketing campaign.

IPG consulting company utilizes effective stages to place advertisement. Moreover, we are partnered with most polymer magazines and many mass-media channels. By investing in IPG advertising campaigns, you will achieve maximum exposure to potential customers.


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