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Business Electronic Mass Emailing List

Business Electronic Mass Emailing List — is an important tool by IPG used for the effective promotion of our customers' products.

The service includes mass emailing of the business information to the verified customers' emails. The above mass emailing is not a spam, because the users had previously signed-up to receive these emails.

Moreover, this service can be enforced by the standard manual emailing.

The information that we normally email is about your products, promo-actions, PR-articles on your product or company, news about your company. To make this tool more effective we recommend you to carry out the integrated marketing campaign which will include mass emailing as one of its components.

Normally, we use our own database of customers' emails, or that of Polymer Associations.

The advantages of mass-emailing by IPG:

• comparatively cheap means of advertising;

• high speed of sending information;

• information is being sent directly to the target audience;

• business information is delivered to a large quantity of potential customers at the same time.

Business Electronic Mass Emailing List by IPG together with the other promotion tools will help your company to attract new customers.


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