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Clients Database Creation

Creation of a customer base is an unique service provided by IPG. IPG will increase your clientele with the utilization of our extensive statistical database.

Promotion is crucial to companies that recently entered, or are planning to enter a new market. The above services will assist you in contacting a target audience, thus increasing your sales volume for any specific region.

The IPG's marketing-analysts experts will quickly create a relevant client base for your company. If necessary, our specialists will develop a CRM module, then adapt it so that your salesman will be able to keep a record of customer relations.

A Polymer market client base will be created by utilizing the following resources:

- The current client base of IPG consulting company;

- The entire client base of the Council of Ukrainian Polymer Industries;

- International Business Forum's 'Polymer club';

- All the resources of the International Polymer Association.

IPG's client database:

- The client database of the Ukrainian Polymer Assosiation;

- Participants of the International Business Forum's 'Polymer club';

- Resources of the International Polymer Association.

The development a 'tailor-made' client database includes the following steps:

- An extensive search of the general database of all available sources (Long list);

- verifying the client list via telephone calls;

-providing a verified customer database to your company's sales department (Short list).

By using IPG's 'client database development service', you will save the time and money otherwise spent on fruitless attempts to expand your customer base.


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