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PR Support

PR support is important in creating a positive image of a company, and its services/products. A well-done PR campaign will attract and hold customer attention to your products. Unlike advertising, PR gives the indirect effect of improving the image of your company and brand.

IPG provides professional PR support for the polymer companies. We develop, then launch PR campaigns for our customers. Further, we are able to provide PR support for specific events.
IPG's competitive advantages in PR campaigns are the following:

· Understanding the polymer customers' psychology;

· Access to the multi-media which pass information to the target audience;

· The ability to strengthen PR campaigns with other instruments of promotion;

· An exclusive IPG customer database;

· The full cooperation of our polymer associations;

· Access to multiple polymer magazines.

IPG's PR support will ensure your company's successful entrance to the polymer market. With the utilization of effective PR campaigns, you will increase the value of your brand while creating more interest in your product. By using PR effectively, your profits will grow exponentially.


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